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Research What You’re Passionate About!

This all started as what I thought was a simple assignment for Public Relations Practicum – a one-credit course that PR students here take to assist us with careers (resume building, interview tips, exploring career opportunities, etc.). It’s a great course. Urkovia Andrews is the professor ( (side note: she’s awesome). She instructed us to write a paper after doing lots of in-depth research about our favorite organization/desired company. After looking at the instructions, I felt like it might be a tedious assignment with all the information she was asking from us! But once I really started, I got to see Girl Scouts with a different pair of eyes…

Here’s the paper I wrote on it, based on Andrews’ rubric:


Research what you’re passionate about and you could find a plethora of eye-opening information! On the other hand, you could even learn that something you are interested in isn’t as great as you thought. Either way, it’s a useful learning experience. I love the Girl Scouts! I had no idea they did all of those good deeds for this country!


GIRL SCOUTS: Weekly Summer Camp Day 5 & 6!

Unfortunately, there was no Day 5 (Tuesday, June 29th) because Lynette had to work and poor Gabby was suffering from food poison! (She’s all better now). So I had to call the day care and let them know we could not make it. Side note: Those young’ns are too much for one gal to handle! So I also called Amanda (Girl Scouts director) and told her I was cancelling it for the day. Luckily, she was very understanding about it because the previous week she had dropped by to visit and saw how wild (or should I say energetic) the girls are! Sixteen girls averaging at age 6 versus just ONE 23-year-old me…I would have been pulling out my hair, or unless they did it for me, lol.

Day 6 (Tuesday, July 6th) was definitely surprising! There was only five girls there with Lynette, Gabby, and I. The day care director said most of them were still on vacation with their parents. Must be nice. So anyway, we just sat down and talked to each other about the words “future” and “career.” It was such a relaxing environment and I was so glad that we could actually talk to the girls personally this time since there were just five of them. We asked them questions like what they wanted to do after high school and what they want to be when they grow up. Interesting answers they gave. They all dream of being fire-fighting, ballet-dancing, hair-styling brain surgeons! Lol, yes, ladies; the sky is the limit and the world is yours!

While we talked to them about making good grades and college and saving money, we all sat down and drew ourselves in the “future.” (I drew myself in a business suit standing at the end of the driveway to my mansion with my future husband and future sons standing on the porch, LOL!) And the little artists did a great job of drawing themselves in ballerina wear, fire trucks, and salon chairs!

The girls are growing fond of us. Now, they often hug us, cling to us, and draw us hearts and tell us they love us and that we’re “the best teachers in the world”…

…So I think I’m going to go cry now, lol. That is all.

GIRL SCOUTS: Weekly Summer Camp Day 3 & 4!

Oh, boy! What can I say to describe days 3 and 4!

On day 3, Gabby and I were without the help of Lynette because she had to work. And then on day 4, Lynette and I were without Gabby because she had to work! And both days it was quite crazy! The girls have now gotten used to us coming and are comfortable with us. Comfortable might not always be a good thing! Nonetheless we love the girls very much and always have a blast (in more ways than one)!

Day 3 (Tuesday, June 15th) Gabby and I had the girls learn about creativity. We taught them what it meant and we told them that it is a good trait to be unique and creative. We let them know that it is okay to be different. Then we had them each decorate a silhouette of a girl using only markers, crayons, glitter, and stickers. They were very creative in decorating the background, making landscapes, drawing words, designing outfits, and coloring hair! We had a contest in which they voted on the design that was the most creative. Gabby and I learned that the girls worked most effectively if we implement a contest! They are very competitive at this age, so they made sure they focused on the task at hand and were extremely motivated! Here is the winner:

However, toward the end of the hour and a half, they began to get a little rowdy. So we calmed them down finally by saying we’d bring them cookies on day 4 if they behaved (and trust me, this was the only thing that worked lol)(at this point, we were desperate so I blurted out “cookies for whoever’s good!”). We had them all sit back down quietly and each of them tell the group what their favorite cookie flavors were. They went crazy throwing out ideas, like peanut butter cookies with sprinkles, icing, and chocolate chunks! However, most of them said chocolate chip, M&M’s, and pink. Now, Gabby and I have never heard of these “pink” cookies that seemed popular with them, but we just smiled and nodded lol.

Day 4 (Tuesday, June 22nd), Lynette and I were reminded all day long about when they were going to be able to eat their cookies! So we let them know that if everyone was on good behavior that we’d pass out cookies at the end of camp.

Something that the Girl Scouts tradition has always held is friendship, so we incorporated the “friendship circle” by having the girls color their own individual “friendship animals.” The animal cut-outs were designed with their arms extended, so after they were done, we connected all of the animal hands together to create a “friendship circle,” like so:

We had to, again, make the task into a competition for the girls to stay focused. At this age, their attention spans are very, very short! So they took the contest to heart once again. When everyone was done, Lynette and I gathered each of the animals to the front of the room and had the girls do a “secret vote.” (Tip: Kids love the word “secret,” it seems to really get them excited lol). We had everyone put their head down on the desk – no peeking – and come up one by one to look at each of the animals and vote on the one they thought was the most creative, like we talked about last week. They whispered their vote and sat back down. At the end, the winner received a purple iCarly badge that said, “You go, girl!” (it was too cute, I found it at Wal-Mart for $3)! And all the girls got to sit down and enjoy their cookies – finally! I only bought them chocolate chip and M&M’s cookies instead of everything else they had asked for lol; especially since I had never heard of “pink” cookies. Even better for them, they were excited that their cookies were bagged in iCarly goodie bags (I snabbed those at Wal-Mart too)!

Girl Scouts: Weekly Summer Camp Day 2

Today was an exciting Day 2 (Tuesday, June 8th). We had a few more girls than we did last Tuesday (see previous Girl Scouts post), but that’s okay because I had an extra hand. Lynette was there this week and last week, but we were also blessed with Gabby! It was alot of fun…

Today’s focus was on the health and wellness, so we had the girls color the food pyramid and draw their favorite foods from each food group.

With every camp session, we begin and end with the Girl Scout Promise (“On my honor, I will try to serve God and my country, to help people at all times, and to live by the Girl Scout Law!”). They all don’t know the whole thing by heart, but we had them give it a try and they actually remembered more than I thought!

After they got done coloring, we played a “name game” where we sat in a circle and went around introducing ourselves by name with a fun adjective of our choice that begins with the same letter that our first name begins with. We also had to try to remember as many of the other girls’ names as we could. Good for memory and paying attention!

Lastly, we got the girls engaged in a traditional Girl Scouts challenge called the friendship knot where you stand in a circle and hold someone’s hand with your left hand who is not next to you and the same with your right hand but with a different girl who is not next to you. Then you have become a human knot and you have to engage TEAMWORK in order to get out. I think the girls had alot of fun with this one because it was goofy and challenging! Here’s a photo of one of our three friendship knots:

Something vital that Lynette, Gabby, and I need to remember for NEXT TIME is the super short length of the girls’ attention spans! I first thought that spending one and half hour with them was too short. Boy was I wrong! We have got to have more than enough activities planned for them and leave no room for error. Speaking of ERROR, when most of the girls were done coloring their food pyramids, we went ahead and let them start the circle time games with Gabby. Lynette took a couple of the girls to the restroom maybe while I had to chase one down to get her to stop throwing toys and to go join the rest of the group. So there were a few still at the table quietly coloring. Turns out, if you have 15 girls, you need 15 pair of eyes as well – because the girls who were “quietly coloring” were actually using the markers to color full-arm tattoos on each other! OH BOY! Once we realized this, we tried not to panic but took them immediately to the sink to wash everything off. Thank GOD for Crayola’s washable markers! 🙂

Girl Scouts: Summer Camp Day 1

I am all about Girl Scouts! After being inspired in 2008 by Vanessa and Angela Simmons’ Girl Scouts campaign (Russell Simmons’ daughters), I decided to begin volunteering here in Statesboro with various Girl Scouts projects. Now this summer I will repeat a summer camp program with the girls at Childcare Network that I lead last summer with two close friends Erika and Alex, and I am extremely excited! I have missed the girls so much! A few of them are in the 2009 photo below.

I am very passionate about giving back to the community, especially in a way that targets children – teaching them character traits, morals, manners, and skills, all to help them reach their highest potential. Our children are our future. “Each one reach one.”

DAY ONE (June 1st):

Today we all got to meet each other by introducing ourselves – we sat in a circle and told a little bit about ourselves, including our name, age, grade, school, favorite singer, and favorite food (the girls like listening to Beyonce, Hannah Montana, Michael Jackson, and country music and love eating pizza, chicken, and spaghetti)! I used this technique to take roll and also to help learn their names! I think I have everybody’s name downpacked for day uno. That’s great compared to last summer, lol. This summer there are about 15 girls ranging from age 4 to 9. We are set to meet for two months every Tuesday from 2 to 3:30 pm.

They were briefly taught the Girl Scout Promise. And to help them do so, we traced our right hands on construction paper, decorated them, cut them out, and stuck them on popsicle sticks. Then we taped the thumb and pinky together to resemble the way we should hold our right hands when we recite the Promise before and after camp sessions.

Since it was only day one, we spent most of our time getting to know one another by sitting in the circle and having discussions about what Girl Scouts is, what we will be doing during camp sessions, and what they like to do outside of school. I can recall one of them saying that she likes to take rides on sharks and another saying that her Yankee cousins from New York are coming to visit in July. Lol, these girls are something else! I am excited about this summer…

Today’s session reminded me that you have to stay on point with activities and topics in order to keep their attention. Their attention span is a maximum of 10 minutes it seems, lol! These little ladies are definitely going to keep me on my toes! I wish my friends Erika and Alex could be here this summer to help 🙂 I miss them too


^ that’s me!