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Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

Here are some simple ways we can celebrate Earth Day. Every day we should take care of the beautiful earth God gave us. Today is a good day to start if you haven’t already gone green.

  • Plant your own fruit and vegetable garden
  • Make an energy-saving plan for your household
  • Set up a recycling station in your home
  • Go on a walk through the park, nature hike, or visit your city garden
  • Volunteer to pick up trash at a park
  • Plant a tree
  • Put a birdbath or bird feeder in your yard
  • Or make your own old fashion bird feeder (pine cone, peanut butter, bird seed, string)

Make today a new beginning.



Some [Useless] Facts You Probably Didn’t Realize About the Number TWELVE:

Happy new year! LOL

  • It’s the largest number in English with just one syllable
  • A dozen items means there are twelve of them, but a “baker’s dozen” is actually thirteen
  • There are twelve ribs in the human body
  • As of 2011, twelve people have walked the surface of the moon
  • 12 Play was R. Kelly’s debut album as a solo R&B artist, released in ’93
  • You need to bowl 12 strikes to get a perfect game
  • In the Bible, Revelation chapter 12 mentions a woman wearing a crown of 12 stars
  • The 12th song on the soundtrack for the movie Ocean’s Twelve is called “Explosive Corrosive Joseph”

Let this marinate!

“It is not that we don’t try because things are difficult; it’s that things are difficult because we don’t try.”

In other words, NEVER GIVE UP! We miss 100% of the shots that we don’t take! Someone who tries and FAILS is always and forever better off than the person who doesn’t even bother trying!

🙂 Happy Monday

My Fav Apps

I’ve been on “#teamiPhone” since February when I got the 4. I’m here to share my favorite apps with you! Actually, I’ve been told that I don’t take advantage of my iPhone in the way that I should, lol. So if you know of any apps that are cooler than the ones I’m about to name, let me know lol. (I pretty much only got the iPhone for the ability to Face Time!)

  • Our Daily Bread: It’s easy to use, provides you with the appropriate Bible scriptures to go with the “bread,” and even an option to listen to the passage instead of having to read it, which is good if you’re on the go, like me – I listen to it on the way to work each day.
  • Echofon > Twitter for iPhone
  • Shazam: I don’t think I can live without this app. I love music and I love that I can discover new songs and re-discover old classics…especially when I don’t know the name of the song or artist.
  • FourSquare: I don’t really see any other purpose for this app besides the fact I can share my location with my Facebook and/or Twitter friends. And that they can share theirs with mine. Like giving tips on what to order at a certain restaurant or good deals at a certain store.
  • P Tracker (ladies only!!): You can now track your cycle with the coolest app ever, lol. This app has more going on than you can even imagine. You can log your moods, cravings, symptoms, etc. each day of the month, you will receive alerts when it’s almost “that time,” and you can choose from several different fun, girly skins and settings. It’ll even put your ovulation, fertility, and intimacy into [accurate] calendar form ……..Yeah. Having a cycle just got taken to another level, lol.
  • You can’t go without the Camera+ app!! The picture quality on the iPhone is already phenomenal. But you can turn mediocre photos into quality shots with the editing you can do with this app. Options include changing the lighting/colors, several cool effects, cropping, captions, and borders.

“Over and Over”

9/11 Prayer

Dear God,

Please be with those family members and friends of the victims and of the fallen heroes who put their lives on the line ten years ago, Lord. Give them the strength they need to go on and help them to celebrate today instead of mourn. Be with that little boy and that little girl who are missing a parent today because their lives were taken on 9/11. Be with those mothers and fathers who are feeling alone because they lost a child on this day a decade ago or during the war that preceded the terrorist attacks.

And also be with those soldiers who are still today putting their lives on the line to serve and protect our country, Lord You know we need protection and guidance. Keep Your eye on them and continue to provide them with the courage and strength they need to do what they do every day.

Lastly, be with our President. He is our chosen leader and in that position, he most of all needs your guidance, Lord. Please bless him with good decision making and courage and strength and love and also be with his wife and daughters.

Thank you so much for giving us a second chance at life each day that we wake up. Help us all to be more appreciative of what we have and stop worrying about the things we don’t have. Help us all to stop taking time and people for granted. Help us to be heroes in our own worlds. Amen.

Let Chaz Dance


What are your personal thoughts on the casting of a transgendered person?

Personally, I think people are being completely heartless and outrageous with some of the things they are saying about ABC, DWTS, and poor Chaz. I think the show made a great move toward diversity and I commend them for it because that’s pretty courageous of them. Persons who are outwardly against this, however, need to realize that this is not going to harm anybody. They’re so worried about protecting our children – good – but kids can’t look at Chaz and tell that he used to be a woman. And how are we setting a good example to them by saying hurtful things about him? Is this how we want them to treat someone at school who is gay or who looks different or who has different beliefs? We don’t have to accept the LGBT “lifestyle” if that’s not something we support or believe is right. But it’s evident that our country is slowly but surely growing into a more accepting nation. So get with the program or move. Remember, years ago, a gay person could not even serve our country by participating in our armed forces! All I’m saying is: just don’t watch the show if you are unhappy about the cast. I haven’t really gotten into DWTS before but I’ll definitely be tuning in now. I appreciate what ABC/DWTS has done here. I also commend Chaz on being such a strong and positive person about the situation. I can’t imagine what he must be going through with all this bashing and controversy. I’ll be praying for him… And isn’t that what a true Christian should do? Psshh, hypocrites.

Two Months Later…

Wow! It has been two months since I have last blogged! I was doing so well keeping up with this on a regular basis. Okay, so what’s new with me??

Well, same old same old. Just applying for jobs in Atlanta and Augusta to make sure I have something waiting on me when I graduate this May. That’s exciting. And planning a graduation trip to “where the black top ends” lol, somewhere with bright blue skies and white sand! Besides that, there isn’t too much else exciting going on in my life, lol…

Everyone have a great week! Be blessed! I’ll be back at the end of the week. I have some things I’ve been meaning to say on my blog!


At a Loss for Words…

Learning how to write is just as essential a tool to success as learning to talk and learning to read.

One might say this statement is biased because I’m a lover and student of writing. But I honestly believe that effective writing, and the understanding of how important written communication is, is a vital key to empowerment, professionalism, and intellect. Studies show that people who consider themselves good writers have a considerable amount of more self-esteem than those who wish they were better at writing. Good writers have the ability to organize, revise, influence, express, educate, and perhaps entertain. My point is: writing is important!

Or at least, it used to be…

When was the last time you wrote something significant? How often do we find ourselves writing these days? With all this technology — like Facebook, Twitter, text messaging, and more — people very rarely write or type letters to each other like they used to. Statuses, tweets, and cell phones have taken writing away from today’s students no matter how much grade school teachers teach writing in school.

I remember when I was younger, growing up in the 90s, my friends and I wrote letters and notes almost daily to each other in class and in between class, we exchanged love letters with boyfriends, and we often wrote to family and friends and pen pals. But today, all it takes is a quick status update to tell every single one of your friends how your day went. All it takes is a mass text forward to wish people a merry Christmas. We don’t need birthday cards or stamps anymore. It’s so sad.

The convenience of communicating electronically has stolen the passion of writing from our children, and ourselves. Writing gives people the ability to solve problems and express themselves, to document their lives and their feelings. It helps us practice our communication skills on paper (or Microsoft Word). Writing is the foundation of history; stories, documents, and diary entries of explorers, victims, and politicians from the beginning of time all over the world paint the perfect picture for us today. What will our children and our children’s children be able to refer to when we’re dead and gone? Even photo albums are nearly extinct and exist primarily on Facebook.

As lovers and teachers of writing, we really have to hold on to our understanding and compassion for writing. Because today’s world is just at a loss for words.


My beautiful newborn niece Jayla Broadnax. Congrats, big bro & wife! 🙂

Now little JJ has a baby sister!