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My Hair Vows

Starting January 9th, I decided to start appreciating the natural beauty of my hair and stop damaging it with chemicals and heat.

When I first started seeing the “going natural” trend of 2011, I simply thought of it as a afro/locs/braid fad that had a domino effect on I-don’t-know how many young Black women. Anything that seems like a fad to me – I don’t care what it is, I pay it NO mind at all on purpose. Sorry. I just hate to “fit in.” And besides, I’m biracial and my hair type is not going to loc up or fro out no matter how much I would have wanted it to.

But my little sister Jade (@JadeLeilani) and my cousin Kisten (@theProducerChat) were discussing “natural” over Christmas break and I slightly overheard their conversation. And these two gals don’t talk no bull-jive (lmao, yes I did just say bull-jive). -_- So anyway, I decided to do some research on exactly what all the hooplah was about.

Jade and I had checked out some YouTube videos on regimens and styles and what not. And I came back home that next day and started looking up terms, transitioning tips, all-natural products, hair recipes, and so on. Man, I had “going natural” just ALL WRONG.. ~~~> Going naturally basically means just to have a better appreciation for your hair and paying more attention to the care you give it by quitting the bad beauty habits. Even with that being said though, I’m sure several people jumped on the “natural” bandwagon (as they always do) because everyone else was doing it. But hey, at least it was all the talk about it that got me curious and looking into it, which is only going to lead me toward a better, healthier head of hair and a HAPPIER me! So…whatever.

In addition, I also feel bad that I have been knowingly damaging my hair day to day by (1) using sucky moisturizers I already knew were water-based anyway, (2) not wrapping my hair before I go to bed every night, (3) using high heat when blow-drying and using daily heat with flat irons, and worst of all (4) relaxers and color! Giovanni, if you are reading this, I know you are saying: I TOLD YOU SO! (lol) <– She is the one person who always fusses at me about needing to quit damaging my hair. My dad too. He always used to fuss at my sister and I for flat ironing our hair every single morning. Which reminds me. So my mom is Palauan and I used to beg her in middle school to let me “perm” my hair so I can have Black girl’s hair like “the girl in Destiny’s Child” (which was Beyonce). SMH! So I had my hair relaxed, hot combed, straightened, all of the WORST treatments and my hair went downhill from there.

Sooooooooooooo, here we are in 2012 and I finally decided to go natural. And what that means for ME is that I’m going to (1) stop using flat irons and blow dryers, (2) NEVER use a relaxer again in my life, and (3) going to start using real moisturizers, natural products, deep conditioners, and herbal rinses.

WHY? Let me show you how long/healthy my hair is when it’s all natural:

And this is how long it was a few years ago:

This is how short I cut it in 2010:

This is where it is now: