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Grinds My Gears!

You know what really grinds my gears…?

When some people see that I’m making really healthy food choices or hear me say that I’m trying really hard to work out every single day, they look at me up and down and ask, FOR WHAT?

Really? I have to be 300 pounds to choose to start living a healthy lifestyle? Some people really get under my skin doing that.

First of all, they have no idea what I look like naked; maybe I want to change that. And secondly (and most importantly), being physically fit and eating healthy clean foods is not always about “trying to be skinny.” And even if I was currently a size 3, it’s MY business if I want to be healthier.

I think many people are starting to associate the word “DIET” with women wanting to be thin. There are so many ads about weight loss that target women and even more ads targeted at us that feature long and lean models and celebrities. And I’m not going to lie. OF COURSE I’d love to be thinner. But I am not borderline anorexic nor do I have low self-esteem about my current weight.

These ignorant folks really have to start thinking about what BEING HEALTHY really means. As I get closer to age 30, my metabolism is going to start slowing down rapidly. And then, once I start getting closer to age 40 and 50, health problems may start to arise (such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, bone and muscle strength, etc.) That doesn’t mean I need to wait until it’s too late to do something about it!

No matter how much we weigh, we need to start taking care of our bodies NOW! If we want to live long and healthy lives, we need to start making healthy choices today. Not tomorrow.

My new coworkers are the main ones who jump on me when they see me pull out an organic salad or drink acai juice or snack on carrot sticks. “Girl, you need to eat some real food!” “You’re so young, you have plenty of time to try to be healthy!” “Wait till you start having kids; it’s just gonna mess your body up anyway!!”

Especially the coworker who actually is like 300 pounds: “I wish I was your size, what are you dieting for!? You’re crazy.”

Sometimes when people look down on me in this way for being healthy, I just get more motivated. Just wait til I pull out my guns (arms) and lift up my shirt to show off a sharp little six pack. YOU JUST WAIT! lol

My point is: dieting is not just for “fat” people. And if I think I’m fat, well that’s up to me!!!!


P.S. For those who know me or are my Twitter/Facebook friends, you know I struggle with sticking to hardcore fitness plans, lol. My weight fluctuates month to month…hell, week to week! But these new coworkers of mine pick on me daily about this and it irks me to my core. So I really have to show them what being healthy is all about! Give me two months from today – June 16 – to post a picture of myself here in a BIKINI! Yep, hold me accountable! Earlier, I recorded a before video of my body in a bikini (which I refuse to post any time before June 16th due to embarrassment lol)………………………….

Haters are the best motivation!

Even more motivation: (1) I now live in Florida and bikini season is nearly here already and (2) my sister and I are going to Hawaii/Palau this summer!

*deuces* GN